Beluga Whale

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Beluga Whale

FUN Facts - The Beluga Whale has a very unusual neck; it can turn in every direction! - It is also related to the Narwhal isn't that cool!

Bubbles bubble bubbles!

Click here to visit here to see some cool facts about them! It including them dancing!

Did you know the Beluga whale is 13-20 feet long! Also the life span is 35-50 years long which is shorter than most human life spans. They weigh 2000-3000 pounds which is hezavier than a piano!

Beluga whales are also referred to as the White whale and is the smallest species of whales. They are easily identifiable because of there color and prominent forheads!

Beluga Whales eat fish, cretaceous, and worms. They eat a canivore diet.

Look at this adorable Beluga Whale! It is so sad that they are endangered!

Beluga Whale

They communicate through CLICKS, CLANGS, and WHISTLES.


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