Belly Dancing

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Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

Swaying of the hips, moving the torso up and down, and articulated isolations. The dance includes curving patterns, up and downs movements, thrusts, lifts, locks, and drops, and shaking body movements. The focus is on the body with little notice of the footsteps. Arms and hands move fluidly.

Dancers may also use a length of fabric during one part of the dance, and they might play finger cymbals. Costumes change from place to place and from time to time.

It was changed into being on the stage to compete with western style stage performances and also entertainment that would draw in more foreign citizens and tourists.

Middle Eastern's modern form of Belly dancing goes back to the early 1900s.

Historyof belly dancing

Definition:solo dance emphasizing movements of the belly

How do you belly dance?

Costumes consist of a bra and hip-belt set worn over a skirt that touches the floor. Instead of the skirt and bra, a dancer may wear a gown called a baladi dress topped with a hip-belt or a hip-scarf.


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