Bellaue Woods

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Bellaue Woods

The Battle of Bellaeu Wood

What was the Belleu Woods Battle? The Belleu Woods Battle was a large battle that was fought by American soliders during World War 1 in the Northwest of the Paris-to-Metz road. In May 1918 the Germans broke through the front lines to get into Paris. General John. J Pershing helped push the Germans out of Belleau Wood. Three weeks into the war the U.S Army attacked into the forested area. The Germans Gerneral Erich Ludendorff denied the victory of the Americans.

Outcome of Attacking Germans: There were 10,000 Americans dead, wounded, and/or who went missing during the mission.

Weapons used in War: During the fight between the Americans and the Germans they used many different weapons. The German attacked the U.S forces with machine guns, artillery, and gas.

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By: Sarah McCormick

Who fought in the War? The Germans and the U.S fought in the Bellaue Woods Battle.

There were two different ships that they used during the Belleau Woods Battle. The plaque is blended with many different symbols. He carries a rifle with bayonet, and seems to be beckoning the viewer to follow him. Surrounding the figure are the cross, shield and swords of the Croix de Guerre, the French medal awarded to the Marines who distinguished themselves at Belleau Wood. The twelve stars on the top of the plaque stand for the World QWar 2 record of LHA 3's namesake.



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