Bellatrix: Star Life Cycle

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Bellatrix: Star Life Cycle


The Life Cyle of Stars







A nebula is a cloud of hydrogen and dust particles in space. It's the birth place of stars. The dust and gas heat up and use pressure to transform into a star.

When the star is a globe of gas which produces its own heat and light by nuclear reactions. This is also the current phase of bellatrix, which will soon be coming to an end.

This is a large bright star with a cool surface and is in the later stages of star evolution. they are also extremely large and bright. There is also a huge amount of nuclear fusion due to the helium accumulated in its core.

This is the explosive death of a star and often results in the star having a brightness of 100 million suns for a period of time. This is caused by gas from one star falling to another or internal nuclear reactions

A neutron star is a type of compact star that can result from the gravitational collapse of a massive star. It is the smallest and densest star in our universe, but due to the fact that its made up entirely of nutrons it is twice the mass of our sun.

They are found at the end of the lifetime of a star and nothing can escape from it due to the massive gravitational pull. Nothing is able to come out of a black hole, and this will be the last stop on the course for Bellatrix.

Bellatrix is a massive star which is roughly 8.4 times the mass of the sun

Bellatrix is currently a blue giant and has a fainter companion next to it

Bellatrix is now coming to the end of its current lifecycle and willl soon evolve into an orange giant within a few million years

The blue giant has developed a growing outer shell of gaseous matter, which shows the beginning stages of transformation from a massive star into a red supergiant.

Bellatrix is estimated to be 20 million years old

Bellatrix is also known as 'Gamma Orionis'

Bellatrix is the third brightest star in the contellation Orion

The surface temperature of Bellatrix is roughly 21,730°C

Bellatrix is estimated to be 240 light years away from earth

The brightness is 4000 times greater than the sun itself making it the 26th brightest star

Bellatrix is white in colour

•Its name (bellatrix) comes from the Latin word meaning ‘Female warrior’

Bellatrix closer to us than any other star in the Orion Constellation.

The surface temperature of Bellatrix is roughly 21,730°C

It emits roughly 6,400 times more light than the sun


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