Belize, Central America

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Belize, Central America

Are you thinking about visitar a Belize? If you answered si, you are thinking the right thoughts! Belize would be a beautiful place para ir de vacación de tú familia.

Fun Facts - The average yearly temperature in Belize is about 84 degrees. - Belize is the country's greatest source for tourism. - Inglés is the official language in Belize.

Belize, Central America By Cierrah

There are about 500 species of fish and marine life in Belize, so bucear would be a fun and great experience to see marine life in Belize!

Caving would be a great experience that you may never have the chance to do again! Caving is a great way to see the beautiful nature of Belize. This would also be great para sacar fotos.

Fast Fact: - Mayans were the first to develop Belize at around the time of 1500 B.C.E.

There are about 500 species of birds that call Belize their casa. The cool thing is, you could go birding while ziplining. That's how many birds live in Belize!




This is an image of la ciudad de Belize.

Images on the left and all information cited from:www.travelbelize.orgImages on the right cited

English: "Good Morning"Kriol: "Gud Mawnin"Garifuna: "Buiti Binafi"Spanish: "Buenos Dias"

This es una playa en Belize that borders the Caribbean mar. This is probably the first place you want to go because it would be so relaxing after a long trip to Belize.


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