Belief System of the Nile

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Belief System of the Nile

Belief System of theNile

The religon along the Nile started in 300 BC."The eyptians believed in the cycles of birth death and re-birth".They believed in burying the dead west of the Nile river.Egyptians had many gods because one god represented each thing.The word god for egyptians was "neter".Ancient Egyptians were polytheistic they had many gods more than 700. They had a god of the Nile called "Hapy". This god was a bringer of water and fertility. Another god they had for the Nile was called "Osiris"he was a king of Egypt who was killed by his brother. He is now a god of the afterlife. When there loved ones died they buried them west of the Nile river because they believed the underworld was located west where the sun died eachday.

The egyptians also believed in afterlife Egyptians beleived that afterlife was very important. "They also thought that being mummified was important because it was the way to get into the afterlife". Egyptians also believed in magic. "They thought that magic was essential in weather and also afterlife". Egyptians used magic rituals to take away spirtual enemies.The person identified carrying the magic was known as a deity or a god. Egyptians also believed in demons. It was called the Typhon and it represented death and evil. They also followed the laws of Ma'at. Egyptians also had a Pharoh of many different areas who were rulers at one point in time.

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