Belief System --- Hinduism

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Belief System --- Hinduism

Big Rituals

In every month there is a festival or a celebrations of some sort. Some of the festivals are celbrated based on sciences that relate towards it or it is celbrated based on a natural phenomena. Festivals are a part of Hindus' lives! Few Important Festivals of Hinduisms:Diwali (Christmas to Christians)Gudhipadwa (Hindu New Year)Shri Raw NavamiMahashivratriAkshay TritiyaMakar SankrantiHoliHanuman Jayanti

Basic Beliefs and Practices

Hiduism is one of the worlds top religion, following Christianity and Islam. It is also known to be the oldest religion, dating back to over 5000 years ago. 80% of Hindus are Indians, and this is why this religion have the nickname of "Religion of the Indians". Hinduism doesn't have one founder or just one god, but they are polytheistic. They do believe in one supreme god named Brahman. Devotional practices include meditition, worship, rites of passages or yoga. The Vedas is there scared text.

Harappas were the first known people to be Hinduism. When the Indo-European invaded India they bought their "Sky God's" with them. The people in India started speaking Hindi, and soon the religion fell over the country.


800-300 BCE - The 11 major Upanishads are wriiten, (other sacred text) which includes information on karma and reincarnation500-100 CE - Epics and Puranas are written, reflecting the rise devotional moments. (Shiva, Vishhu, and, Devi)320-185 CE - Mauryan Dynasty was found by Chandragypta600-1600 CE - Rise of devotional moments were upgraded along with puja rituals.870-1280 CE - Hinduism develops in the south of India and continues to spread throughout the continent17 - 19 CENT. - Hindu Renaissance.21 CENT - Hinduism continues be the fouth leading religion in the world


Presented by: Javeline C.

"If he arrogantly teaches Brahmins their duty, the king shall cause hot oil to be poured into his mouth and into his ears."-- [ Manu VIII.272 ]

"If he mentions the names and castes (Jati) of the (twice-born) with contumely, an iron nail, 10 fingers long, shall be thrust red-hot into his mouth."-- [ Manu VIII.271 ]

Hindus use the Vedas as their holy writings."The murder of a Sudra by a Brahman is equal only to killing a cat or a frog or a cow."-- [ Stat ] [ Wilk.248 ]

Cultural Diffusion

Hinduism do missionary work through organizations, but many people dont consider it as a missionary religion. Events include Hindu Renaissance and the India Conquest.

Missionary Work and Events


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