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Taoism is one of the many philosophical Chinese orgins. Taoism originated in China in 550 B.C.. They promote health and vitality which is the state of being strong and active. When most people think of Taoism otherwise known as Daosim the Yin Yang symbol crosses their mind. The Yin Yang represents any two polarized forces of nature. Taoist worship in temples known as Gong's. When practicing Taoism ther must be connection between you and the earth. There is no god in Taoism all are equal.

Major Events

550 B.C. - Taoism was founded 350 B.C. - Chuang Tzu developed the Taoist philosophy150 B.C. - Immortality developed and Taiping Jing was complied142 C.E. - Zhang Ling found the sect of the way of 'Five Bushels of Rice'226-249 C.E. - Wang Bi introduced Taosit concepts to Confucious251-34 C.E. - Wei Huacan was the First female leader of the Shangquing Sect365-448 C.E. - Kou Qianzhi recieved Taoism of Heavelyn Manners456-536 C.E. - Tao Hongjing developed the Shangquing school

Spring ' Autumn Period- The most important Taoist scripture Laozi Daode Jing was written during this time period. There was a debate about the exact date Laozi was composed.The Eastern Han Dynasty- The emergence of Taosim; it was formed at the end of this time period

Rituals and Sayings

Rituals1)Rites or periodic on behalf of ancestor2)Rites on behlaf of local communites (can involve ten-hundreds of villages and can occur every three, five, or twelve years) Sayings'Tao surrounds everyone and therefore everyone must listen to find enlightenment''One must simply not do something in name, love what you do or do not do it at all''That used to be a flaw of mine'


* Sacred Texts- Zhaungzi, Daode Jing, and Yi Jing* Taoist belive Taosim was the cause of the universe.* Peacful Philosophy* Faced competion with Buddhism which came to China from traders and missionaries from India* Buddhist beleive life is suffering while Daoist believe life is generally joyous and life should be lived with virtue and balance* Grew large in 200-700 A.D.

History of Taoism





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