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Social Studies

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Map of Europe


BelgiumFrench is one of the official languages in Belgium. The top official languages spoken are Dutch, French, and German. About 50% speak Dutch, 40% speak French, and 10% speak German. They speak French because during the Belgian Revolution, the French armies and the Belgian rebels fought for freedom against the United Kingdom of the Netherlands during 1830-1831.

FlagThe red, yellow, and black bands in the flag of Belgium were from their coat of arms. Many proud Belgians wear these colours to sporting events. The flag was adopted on January 23, 1831




Languages Spoken

Belgium is located in Europe surrounded by France, Germany, the Netherlands,and Luxembourg. It is also near the coast of the United Kingdom.

Although many Sports are played throughout the country, Soccer is the most popular sport played and enjoyed by Belgians. Tennis and biking are also popular sports.

Many foods are eaten in Belgium, such as beef casseroles and waffles. A food named a tradition are Carbonade flamande, similar to Belgian beef stew.

CurrencyThe Belgian Government passes euros as the official currency of Belgium. The Euro bills used in Belgium are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 500.

Interesting factsAn interesting fact about Belgium is that a Belgian founded the world-famous New York City. Another interesting fact is that the first printed newspapers in the world were made in Antwerp, Belgium.


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