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La Belgique


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ºFamous actor Johnny Galecki, Leonard from the Big Bang Theory, was born in Belgium.ºThere are over 800 types of beers made in Belgium.ºBelgium produces 220,000 tonnes of chocolate per year.ºThe name of the euro currency was first proposed by a Belgian to the European Commission in 1992. The design of euro sign (€) was created by the Belgian Alain Billiet.ºBelgium has 3 official languages. Dutch, French, and German.ºThe Belgian motorway system is the only man-made structure visible from the moon (at night, due to the lights all along the motorway network).ºFamous Belgian comics include The Smurfs, The Adventures of Tin-Tin, and The Adventures of Asterix.


Belgium is located in Western Europe between France and Belgium. It has an area of about 11,787 square miles, which is about the size of Maryland. The climate is temperate with mild winters, cool summers and rainy, humid, cloudy. The terrain is flat coastal plains in northwest, central rolling hills, rugged mountains in southeast. The capital is Brussels.

Belgium is a country with a diverse culture. Every year in the city of Binche, the Carnival of Binge is held every year. People dress up in costumes and wax masks and throw oranges to the spectators as a sign of good luck. There is also an early Belgian Christmas, la Saint-Nicolas, on December 5. Saint Nicholas comes at night, goes down the chimney, leaves the gifts, and continues his course.

º The Atomium in Brussels.ºThe Grand Place in Brussels.º Manneken Pis in Brussels.º St. Bavo's Cathedral in Ghent.º The River Reie in Bruges.

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