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Social Studies

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SportsThe two most popular sports in Belgium are soccer and motor racing. Above you see Kim Clijsters a retired tennis pro from Belgium.

GeographyBelgium is perfecty nestled inbetween France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Luximbourg. Toward the North of the country are flat coastal plains. This part of Belgium is beside the coast of the North Sea. In the middle of the country you will find rolling hills. While in the south you will find mountains and forests.

ArtPeter Pual Rubens was a famous realist artist in the early 1600's. He lived from 1577-1640.

FoodBelgium is famous for many foods such as Belgian chocolate, Belgian fries, and Belgian waffles.

GovermentBelgium is a parlimentary democracy. The King currenty is Albert the 2nd. He is the head of state. The prime minister Elio De Rupo is the head of goverment. The bicameral federal parliament is composed of the senate and the Chamber of representatives.

HistoryDuring early times Belgium was controlled by Julius Cesar and the Romans. Spain and other countries such as France also controlled small parts of Belgium. Belgium itself actually has a short history .This is because Belgium was not a fully liberated country until 1830. Belgium was liberated after the French Revolution and the end of Napoleon. The famous Battle of Waterloo was fought there. Belgium has been invaded in WW1 and once again by the Nazis in WW2. Belgium is now peaceful and is part of the European union.

Music"La Brabannconne" is the official national anthem of Belgium.

GDPTotal $513.396 billionPer capita$46,878Litteracy Rate98% of 15 and older



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