[2014] Bosten Benn: Belgium

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Social Studies

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[2014] Bosten Benn: Belgium


HistoryThe official name of Belgium is the Kingdom of Belgium. Belgium became independent on October 4th 1830, so the country isn't to old. On September 26-27 they won a battle which led to independince from France.

ReligionBelgium is very diverse in religious beliefs. About half of the population is Roman Catholic, another 32% doesn't identify with a specific religion, 9% are athiests, and the last remaining single didget percentage are Non-Catholic Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Jews. In 2013, Christianity was replaced with Islam which is leading to Christians being persecuted and fearful.

EconimicsBelgium is the 40th most free country as of 2015. Belgium is apart of the EU. Belgium relies on services, transportation, trade, and industry. About 75% of trade is with other EU countries, chiefly with Germany, France, The Netherlads, and Great Britian. The three main exports are: mineral fuels such as oil, pharmaceutical products, and vehicles excluding trains and street cars.

FlagThe Belgium flag was adopted on January, 23, 1831. The colors represent the coat of arms. The black is for the shield, the gold for the lion, and the red for the lion's tongue and claws. It was made to signify Belgium's independence.

Culture Belgium's culture is very diverse. There is two different types of people in Belgium. The Dutch speaking Flemish, and the Frenh speaking Waloons. Belgium is the maker of the Belgian Waffle, which is why I love the country. Belgium is home to many folk dances such as the De Loere, the Dradenspinnen, the Zwierig, and the Bogencaroussel. Some famous artists are Peyo, Herge, Constantin Meuner, and Anna Boch, The average family count in Belgium is 2.3 per family. About 1 in 10 children in Belgium live in poor houseolds. The emale employment rate in 2009 was 56%, the 12th lowest in the world.

Physical FeaturesBelgium has three different geographical regions, the coastal plain, the central plateau, and the Ardennes.It is mainly flatlands, but, there are a few mountainous regions. Most of the land is in the Great European Plain. It borders The Netherlands, Germany, Luxemberg, and France. Signal de Botrange is the highest point in Belgium. The Rhine river does not flow directly through Belgium, but has tributaries in Belgium. The central part of Belgium is the most prosperous.




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