Belarusian customs and traditions

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Belarusian customs and traditions

Belarusian customs and traditions

Belarus has deep historical roots in the pasr that's why its customs and traditions often have a fascinating history

the most popular belarusian traditions:




It is a day for commemoration of the dead relatives. The special ritual food is cooked for Dziady dinner. According to the tradition part of the food and drink is left in a special plate and glass for the dead. At this day families are going to the cemeteries to take care of the graves.

During Kaliady there were a lot of fun going on. Folks would dress themselves as animals and fantastic beasts, carry the sun and the goat's head on a stick and visit different houses trick-or-treating. They would sing special Kaliady carrols in which the performers greet the house owners, wish them success and plentitude. The youth were playing games, perform in folk theatre plays for public, "skamarohs" would entertain the crowd, play jokes on people.

The essential part of this celebration is the great fire. The oilled wooden wheel is set on fire to symbolize the sun. Young couples hand in hand must jump it over. One ot the main traditions of Kupalle is search for the mythic paparats-kvetka. Those, who find it, will enjoy good luck for the whole year and their wishes will come true.


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