Beirut tourism

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Beirut tourism

Beirut Tourism

HistoryThe earliest traces of habitation date from the Stone Age when the area, now known as Beirut, was in fact two islands in the delta of the Beirut River!

DemographicsBeirut is the capital of Lebanon which is a small country with around 5 million population. Leabnon is on the Mediteranean sea coast and borders Syria and Isreal.

Facts about Beirut!Beirut is the capital of Lebanon.Beirut is known for its combination between the modern world and historical heritage.Beirut is one of the most diverse capitals in the middle east so no matter who you are you will be accepted!Every year Beirut accepts thousands of tourists that love and emjoy the city.

On the right is a map of Lebanon

Outside of BeirutOne of the benefits of visiting Lebanon is that you can enjoy many touristic sites outside of Beirut as well. Such sites include the historical ruins of Baalbak. Another site that you must see while in Lebanon is the fascinating Jeita Cave. Finally, if you do get bored from the sun and beach you can enjoy a ski trip in Faraya.

This is what it looks like!


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