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Being Organised

Organise your space!

Organise your time!

* Just take into school what you need for the day.* File your notes evey night into folders.* Organise your folders with labels and tabs.* Keep your PC files organised.* Why not try Google Docs to organise and share your work?

* Use your student planner to keep track of your deadlines.* You could get a planner for your bedroom wall.* Use your Study Periods wisely - plan what you are going to do in each one.* Why not try Google Calendar to organise your time? You can then see it from any PC!

Organise your work!

* Keep your work space tidy.* If your desk is messy you won't be able to find what you need.* Think about what's right for you.* Try to keep your sleep patterns sensible - particularly during exams.* That way you will avoid too much stress!

Organise your info!

* Use a social bookmarking site like Delicious or Diigo to organise your links.* You can then access them from any PC and share with others.* Use a personal homepage like iGoogle or Netvibes to sort out your links, feeds, to-dos etc.* Try a service like WebNotes to help you sort out online notes.

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