Being a Lawyer

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Being a Lawyer

Being a Lawyer

Why I chose this career.My personality type, perfectly matched the common personality type for law. (INTJ)My parents approve of the career.Furthermore, I was always interested in studying this in University.

Educational RequirementsBecoming a lawyer requires extensive training in legal procedure, writing, and research.After obtaining a under graduate degree in a social science, the next step is to enroll to law school. (To earn a Juris Doctor)

Fun Fact.Attorneys have to pass a "moral character test".The committee of the moral character bar examiners consider: The respect of law, the rights of others, fiscal responsibilities.

Working ConditionsAnnual Salary: Starting at 66k; up to 300k for partners in a legal firm.Work Enviornment: Lawyers do most of their work in different law firms, courts, and offices.Work hours depend on the work place, obviously. When working for law firms and other offices, more conventional work hours are set.

What does being a "Lawyer" mean?Lawyers serve as advocates and advisors. As advisors, they guide clients and inform them of legal rights and obligations. They work as advocates when presenting evidence for clients in court.

>Interpret Laws and rulings for individuals and businesses.>Prepare and file legal documents.>Conduct research and analysis of legal problems


CBACanadian Bar AssociationIts purpose is to suport all members of the legal profession, its primary purpose is to serve its members and act as a voice for them.

Labour StatisticsIn Canada now, there are 90k lawyers licensed. Canada had 2.2 lawyers per 1000 people. (Survey taken 2011) The unemployment rate remained at 3.7% copared to the national rate of 7.2% for all occupations. (Survey taken in 2010 - 2011)The projected demand is predicted to be at 27,925 openings in the period of 2013 - 2022. Number of job seekers predicted to be at 37,293.


Mandate of CBA>Improve the law.>Improve the administration of justice.>Improve and promote access to justice.>Promote equality in the legal profession and in the justice system.>Improve and promote the knowledge, skills, ethical standards and well-being of members of the legal profession.