Being a Graphic Designer

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Being a Graphic Designer

What Do They Do?

Graphic designers will use programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create various elements such as brochures, logos, websites, and billboards for different companies. You will see graphic design elements everywhere you look since every logo created and every advertisement you see is made by a graphic designer. In order to be a graphic designer you need to have unique creations to stand out, companies will need creations that will send a message to onlookers, whether this is loud and clear or subliminal is all up to either the designer or the company.

Steph CalvertSteph Calvert is the owner, designer, and illustrator behind the website which focuses on helping small businesses with what they need to get started and getting out there including web design, illustration, and logos. The way she starts to get motivation before she starts her designs is interesting, she will go to Pintrest and just scroll through the thousands of images to get some ideas in her head. She will ask her client to go to a certain Pintrest board and pick out their 3 favorite pictures so she can get a feel of what they like. A tip she says is to not to get too attached to anything you make because you may love the design you made but the customer doesn’t like it and wants changes. You have to respect that and get used to lots of revisions.

Type Of Education

Although anyone with graphic design skills can become a graphic designer, even with no education, most companies will not hire you unless you have an associates or bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Anyone interested in getting a job in the graphic design field with no formal education may have a little bit more difficulty than with others who have a degree, hands on learning, and a portfolio of amazing projects that they have worked on.

SchoolPlenty colleges offer degrees in the field of graphic design, these colleges are either traditional universities or specialty art schools. Specialty art schools in Florida: Art institute of Tampa and Full Sail University. Traditional universities in Florida: Florida State University and The University of Florida.

Being a Graphic Designer

SalaryThe salary a graphic designer makes will vary depending on the company, the talent of the designer, what he or she is making, etc. The median salary for someone who is a graphic designer is $43,500 a year or $20.92 an hour.


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    I recently started to get involved in graphic design and most of all I am attracted to landscape design. This type of design is inherent not only aesthetic, but also practical. It makes the space more organic and presentable, while everyone has a clear understanding of the purpose of this or that zone. In this case, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. By the way, the projects carried out by Maria Zhyzhankova amazed me to the core. I have never seen such unique compositions anywhere else.