Beijing, China

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Beijing, China

By Nancy Zhang




Beijing the capital of China is near Tianjin and Qinhuangdao. In Beijing there is the Yongding River and Huabei Plain. Like America, China has four seasons. The average temperature of summer is just above 75.2°F. Before in 2008, the Olympics was held in Beijing.

Planning to stay long? Two hotels are Novotel Hotel Peace Beijing and Grand Millennium Hotel Beijing are both reall luxorius hotels. Novotel Hotel Peace is located in the heart of the city. It is rated four stars by people who actually went to this hotel. You can order a supierior suite. Most rooms include a digital T.V. In Grand Millennium Hotel, They seperate the bathtub and the shower. The room also comes with slippers and a bathrobe. Some rooms have a safe to. The Grand Millennium Hotel is also located in the middle of Beijing. WIth a rating of 5 stars (rated by 2,349 hotel guests), it could be better than Novotel Hotel Peace, But you decide which one is better.

Novotel Hotel Peace

Grand Millennium Hotel

A meal is just around the corner. There are two restaraunts you can eat at Beijing. One is the Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant and another is Dali Courtyard. At Da Dong Roast Duck, You can enjoy their yummy roast duck. This restaraunt is casual so no need to dress up formaly. At Dali Courtyard, eat noodles and spicy dumplings here. Dali Courtyard is an outdoor restaraunt ideal during spring. The price for both restaraunts are reasonable.

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaraunt

Dali Courtyard Reastaraunt

You probably will be very bored if you didn't have anything to do. But Beijing has lots of fun things to do. One activity is to walk the Great Wall of China. No one has ever Finished walking the whole Great Wall of China which is 8,851.8 km. It would be very dangerous if you went to some parts because it would be ruined from age. The Great Wall was built in the Ming Dyansty. Another famous attraction is the Forbidden City. You need to go there (You don't have to.) because it is the best preserved palace in China. This attraction was also built during the Ming Dyanasty to the end of the Qing Dyanasty. It was finally opened in 1420. 24 emporers had lived there since. this was also considered the largest acient palatial structure in the world. The Summer Palace is another place you can visit while in Beijing. This palace was opened in 1750. It became main residence for royal members at the end of the Qing Dyanasty. The Summer palace stands 197 feet tall. This is the largest and most preserved royal park. It is famous for it's natural views and cultral intrests. Tiananmen square is the fourth largest square in the world. It is 109 acres and can hold 1 million people. A little history could make everything exciting. This Square was built in 1417. Just a random fact, there is a high level of police presence in Tiananmen Square.

Tiananmen Square

Summer Palace

Forbidden City

Great Wall of China


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