Beijing, China

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Beijing, China

POWERFUL"China will be the next superpower." (The Guardian, June 2006) China's huge population, its booming economy, oil markets, military potential and its growing presence in global political affairs all proved that China had always been a dominant role in the world. Its massive and powerful civilization allowed it to exend its borders deep into Central Asia, while its unique and cosmopolitan culture attracted visitors from all over Eurasia encouraging economic growth.


The Four Inventions of Ancient China"Output increased, popuulation grew, skills multiplied and a burst of inventiveness made Song China far wealthier than ever before-or than any of its contemporaries." (Prominent Scholar)1) Papermaking Papermaking allowed the Chinese to trade with paper cash instaed of objects which brought their economy to another level of prosperity. 2) GunpowderThe invention of gunpowder created within a few centuries a revolution in military affairs that had global dimensions. 3) Printing TechniqueChinese people invented fixed-type engrave printing. About 200 years later after the first printer made, a movable type technique was invented, which went worldwide and advanced the development of world civilization. 4) CompassDuring the Warring States period, the compass was invented and highly improved the ability of the ships' navigation during long distances, advancing China's maritime power.

China monuments

Why Beijing?

- China has the largest population on Earth- World's longest wall- the Great Wall- World's largest palace - the Forbidden City - Best Preserved Monuments - Culturally diversed


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