Beijing, China

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Beijing, China

The main language spoken in Beijing is Mandarin, but there are many other dialects that people speak in their homes.

Beijing is located in the North Eastern part of China. Beijing is both a city and a province. It is surrounded by the province of Hebei. Beijing means "North Capital City".

Beijing, China

The area that is present day Beijing has been home to humans and their predecessors Homo Erectus for as long as 770 000 years. The Peking Man, one of the most famous examples of Homo erectus, was found just outside Beijing in 1921.

People have inhabited Beijing for so long that it is difficult to know why they were first drawn to the area. Beijing has continued to be important throughout history as Emperors ruled from Beijing's position in the North. Today people come to Beijing for opportunity - to get a good education, a high paying job, to make money for their families who live outside of Beijing, to feel a stronger connection to the west, and much more.

History and tradition are central to Chinese culture. There are many festivals every year to celebrate important days such as The Full Moon Festival in late Sept/early Oct, Spring Festival (often called Chinese New Year in the west) usually in February, Tomb Sweepers Day in April and the Dragon Boat Festival in June. Chinese festivals follow the Lunar calendar, so they are celbrated on different days each year

The Great Wall, used to keep the Mongolians out during many wars, is over 21 000 kms long.

Dancers performing during a Spring Festival celebration

An interesting fact: Beijing has a desert climate. There is no natural river that flows through Beijing. All of the waterways are man-made canals

Beijingers outside their traditional Beijing home


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