Behaviorism (week 3)

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Behaviorism (week 3)

B.F skinner Operant conditioning

After going to the library and spending time reading about both innatisim and behaviorism theories I know feel that I fully understand it

my thought

week 3


Continue the behaviorism and innatism theories

After my research this is what I understand

Behaviorism:• Students 1- This theory assumes that the learners are passive 2- The learner is dependent on the teacher for the acquisition of knowledge 3- The learner is considered as a blank slate and behavior shaped by positive or negative reinforcement • Teachers 1- Give learners immediate feedback 2- Break down the task into smaller steps 3- Repeat the directions as many time as possible 4- For the teacher this is a Bottom- up way of teaching

Innatism • It’s all in your mind • Children are biologically programmed for language • Language develops in the child the same way of other biological functions • Language acquisition= learning to talk • LAD(language acquisition device ): it contains all and principles which are universal to all human language • It is a top-down method of learning • Noam Chomsky(1959): argues the behaviorism cannot pride enough explanations for children’s language acquisition for many reasons 1. Children learn more about the structure of their language when they hear it. 2. The language children are exposed to include false starts, incomplete sentence and slips of the tongue and yet they learn to distinguish between grammatical and ungrammatical sentences.3. Children are not systematically corrected or instructed on language by parents

Ivan PavlovThe dog experiment

The theorist of behaviorism

The theorist of innatisim

Noam Chomsky


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