Beginning, Middle, and End

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Language Arts

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Beginning, Middle, and End

Story Sequencing

We figure out our characters and the setting of the story. What is going on so far?CHARACTERS: who is in our storySETTING: when & where our story takes place

WEDNESDAY:Watch the video. When you are done, get a BME sheet and tell me about the beginning, middle, and end of your story. Your writing should have lots of detail. This means at least two sentences per box! GOOD LUCK!

In the middle, we come across a problem. What happens to our characters?PROBLEM: something bad that happens to our characters

In the ending, our problem gets solved. How did the problem get solved?How are our characters feeling at the end of our story?





MONDAY: talk about what is in each square.

Today, you are going to read a story together on the carpet. When you are done, take your trifold paper and sketch to stretch what happened in the beginning, middle, and ending.

ThursdayWrite a story in your reading journal about a time you felt excited. Write the beginning in blue pencil, the middle in green pencil, the end in red pencil.

Friday:Read the story in the stack at the SMART Board to each other. Then color the beginning green, the middle yellow, and the ending orange. When you are done, write on a BME chart what happened in each part.

MONDAY: work together on the BME "What If" worksheet


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