Beginning of the Holocaust

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World War II

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Beginning of the Holocaust

"I didn't harm a hair on anyone's head, and none of us believed in that racial nonsense anyway. We were just little cogs in a huge machine" (Reading 6, Obeying Orders). This is a quote from Klaus-Gunter an adminstrator of the Nazi Party. Klaus's cousin later made this statement about him, and others like him during the Holacaust. "Types like my cousin can cold-bloodedly murder tens of thousands from their desks, issuing orders on official stationary in standard memorandum form; and they take great pride in their effciency."

Rivka Yosselevscka

Rivka is a survivor of the Holocaust and she testified about the eleven month period in which three-fourths of the Polish Jews would be killed. "began saying he who wishes to save his life could do so with money, jewels, and valuable things." -Rivka on what the Germans communicated to them before they were taken to the death camp

The Final Solution Aftermath

When the first death camps opened, most of the Polish Jews were living in ghetto neighborhoods, trying to keep their culture alive.

Rivka Yosselevscka

The ghetto was surrounded by Germans, a large truck then arrived to take Jewish people to the death camps once everyone was accounted for. Rivka was shot, along with everyone else, but managed to be one of the few survivors. She however suffered the loss of her daughter Merkle in the process.

The Final Solution to the Jewish Question

Obeying Orders

Beginning of the Holocaust

Rivka Yosselevscka in her later years

"The Murder of Jews would now be carried out in systematic way."

This image is from the movie titled Wannsee Confercence which is named for the meeting that took place, in 1942 in Wannsee, Berlin with the Nazi Party, the SS and government officials to decide how to exterminate the Jews

"You see, we weren't monsters." -Klaus-Gunter to his cousin

The SS was a paramilitary group who were under the control of the Nazis and responsible for many of the crimes against humanity


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