Before I Fall

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Before I Fall

Author: Lauren Oliver

Title: Before I Fall

SettingsConnecticut High School Kent's Party

CharactersSamantha KingstonLindsey Ally Elody Kent Juliet Skyes

Problem, conflict


Samantha Kingston is a normal teenage girl. Except, Samantha and three friends Lindsey, Elody, and Ally are the most popular girls in their grade. Kent, Samantha's childhood friend who she is now too embarrased to talk to because his lack of popularity is throwing a party that night. At the party Samantha and all of her friends get into a car accident, hitting and killing Juliet Skyes. Samantha dies in this car accident, only to wake up to the sound of her alarm, restarting the day. Over the next seven days Samantha relives this one day in many different ways until she gets it right. In order for her stop reliving the day over and over again, she has to save Juliet Sykes, the girl she and her friends have bullied since middle school.

Before I Fall shows the difference it can make to just be nice to others. Samantha Kingston is a dynamic character who starts as a mean, unlikeable character and quickly learns how her actions have not only affected others but herself. In the few days she gets to relive she becomes closer with her family and the other girls at school.

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Theme: Live every day like it's your last

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