Before and After the Civil War

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Before and After the Civil War

Pre Civil War

In the 19th century, people mostly read books and journals, which usually incorporated some Christian foundation. An example of a book from this time period is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This book had a lot about the topic of slavery in it, and mentions the Christian faith. However, with a new century, modernism began rising up and science started going against the church. This was the beginnig of a new movement.

Intellectual Movement

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Post Civil War



Before the 20th century, everything had been done by hand, and took a very long time. But with the birth of machines and factories in the 1900s, things were produced faster and easier.

Before the Civil War, most people lived an agrarian lifestyle. They made their own clothes, shelter, and food. No one really bought merchandise from stores. This changed with the production of factories. Because things were produced in larger quantity and in a shorter amount of time, people began buying things, and the economy grew. Not only did people buy things neccessary for survival. They also bought things for their entertainment.


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