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MUSICBeethoven's music career started with a series of preformances for wealthy people at the age of eleven. His father said " He plays the piano very skillfully and with power, reads at sight very well, and I need say no more than that the chief piece he plays is Das wohltemperirte Clavier of Sebastian Bach" also " He would surely become a second Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart if he were to continue as he has begun." Beethoven itolized Mozart all of his career, and it is suspected that he met with Mozart but it was never proven. Beethoven released his first works in 1782 they were called "The Dressler Variations" but by 1798 he had started to become deaf. After his first works Beethoven released his first symphony in 1800. A year later he had lost 60% of his hearing. His second symphony was relesed in 1803. His third in 1805. his fourth through eighth symphonies are all only a couple years apart because beethoven would pour over his creations for weeks at a time hardly eating or drinking, and almost never baithing. While writing his no.9 symphony Beethoven became verry sick. It got so bad that he had to comunicate using only a paper and pencil. Even though he was sick, he still finished his no.9 symphony and started a tenth symphony. He lived long enough to see his symphony preformed in 1824.


LIFE Ludwig van Beethoven was baptized on December 17,1770. His father taught him to play various string instruments to hone his musical skills. many rumors were spread that beethoven was abused if he did not do well but this was never confermed. Beethoven had his first public preformence at Cologne in 1778. He loved to preform and it was suspected that his father lied abot his age to get him more bookings but his audience enjoyed him none the less. all through his life he made nine whole symphonies and a first part of a tenth. He spent years profecting a symphony before releasing it to the public's ears,even though by 1798 he was going deaf, and was compleatly deaf by 1816. He had one serious pupil,his nephew Karl. Beethoven was given custody after his brother's death. Struggles began and Karl was returned to his mother. Beethoven was heartbroken. Before his death on March 26,1827 he wrote Karl as his sucsessor(he later tryed to commit suicide in 1826) also a mysterious letter to his "Imortal Belovid". This touching letter tells of all the unexpressed feelings he had for a woman that he loved.

Beethoven was baptized 1770

First public playing of no.9 1824

Travels to Vienna 1787

First comosition 1800

Death of Father 1792

Beethoven's 5th

Letter to "Imortal Beloved" 1812

Beethoven dies 26 march 1827

Named Karl as heir 1823

Death of mother 1787


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