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Another radical innovation of his music is his extensive use of forceful rhymic patterns throughout his compositions.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

In 1792, Beethoven travelled to Vienna to study with Hayden. He stayed there for the rest of his life.

-Born in Bonn, Germany-Came from a musical family-Eldest of 3 children

When I was young, I sought Mozart as a teacher


One of the most important figures in the history of music.

By: Larissa V.E.

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His music is characterized by the extensive development of musical material, themes, and motives...usually by means of modulation (change in the home key).

Everyone knows who Beethoven is. And although he was apparently very eccentric and moody, he deserves to be studied. After all, what would music be without him?

Beethovens deafness and temper contributed to his reputation of an unpleasant personality.

Beethoven has a genuine love of nature and the outdoors.

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Beethoven's naturally forceful personality made him a hero to the Romantic Era. Every major Romantic composer was influenced by Beethoven in some way.

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