[2014] Kiana Mitchell (T1 P3 7th gr 201415): Bees

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[2014] Kiana Mitchell (T1 P3  7th gr 201415): Bees

Bees are Important Pollinators

CCD stands for Colony Collapse Disoder. CCD has been affecting bee hives all over the U.S. CCD is when bees leave the hive and don't come back.We have about 2.5 million bee hives in the U.S.

Test an apple to see if it's pollinated good: slice an apple in half. if there are ten seeds then it was pollinated good. If not it didn't get enough pollen.

Did you know the honey bee is not native to North America?

It's all the more reason to protect them.

Bees pollinate about $18 billion to $27 billion worth of crops. Over 92 crops rely on bees to pollinate them. It's not just the honey bee that's threatened; wild bees native to North America are threatened too. A way you can help is by planting flowers in the "growing" seasons(spring,summer,and fall). Some reasons why bees are declining is because people are clearing their land for housing and people are using harmful pesticides on farmland and on home lawns.


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