Bedouin Tribe

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Bedouin Tribe

The Bedouin Tribe

How is the community changing?Due to modern influence, the Bedouin community have changed in various of ways.*The tribe in Egypt have changed shelters and now live in houses instead (many of them). They also upgraded their stuff as some of them wear wristwatches and have radios. Instead of using camels for transport, they now use trucks instead.*The Bedouins have also migrated themselves to places where there is a pemanent source of water when the desert is parched.* The increse of roads have caused the exposure of the Bedouins from outsiders. The use of radios also gave them new ideas.

LocationThe Bedouin people have live their lives in the deserts. They are a big community who have spread themselves all through the deserts of Africa. They mainly live in Arabian and Syrian deserts, the Sinai Peninsula and the Sahara desert.Although the rainfalls in these regions are minimal (5mm per year), the Bedouin do not normally move camps. As there is seasonal precipitation in some of these areas, some of them have access to gardens for a short time of the year. But in the other parts of the deserts such as Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Sudan, where the rainfall is unpredicatable, the tribes move camps using their animals.

Who are they?The Bedouin tribe is the heart of the Arabian people.In the Arabic language, the word 'bedu' refers to a someone who lives in the open (desert). And the word 'badawiyin' means desert dweller. Together, it formed the english word 'bedouin'.There are approximately four million people who make up these tribes.

Costumes and CultureFor women, the basic costume is a dark blue thobe with light blue bands. It is about twice the length of a person. this dress has three layers and have decorated seems.For men, they use a white cotton thobe which goes down to their ankles. Their collars varry depending on the region. In Oman the collars are round with buttons.LanguageThe Bedouins speak different dialects of Arabics.

TentsTraditionally, the Bedouins shelter in tents which were woven by the females in the tribe. They are low black tents made of goat or sheep hair. For support, poles are used to hole them up.Though these tents do not look suitable for the wheather is the desert, it can easily be packed and ready to move in an hour. They are also waterproof as the fur sucks the water in,keeping the inside dry. During midday, the sides can be opened to let the breeze in.

FoodThe Bedouins typically eat dates, rice, bread, milk and meat from animals. They like to cook rice dishes and eat them in open fires.To obtain rice, they trade their animals and recieve a sack.When eating, they tend to sit themselves down on the ground and eat their dishes using their fingers.For drinks, the Bedouin have coffee, made from cushed green beans and tea. The bedouins also get water from digging the ground. Groundwater can ne found by digging down about a metre from the ground.


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