Bedouin People

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Bedouin People

The Bedouin People do not live in one spot they live all over North Africa, in the deserts. They are limited to their resources such as water and food. As this is a big part in their life, they travel from oasis to oasis, so they do not kill all the animals in that one area and to find water. As it is very hot there, they wear big flowing robes to protect them from the sun and to keep cool. They travel on camels as they have a long supply of water stored in their hump, so they can travel long distance.

Bedouin People have their own Arabic ‘Bedawi’ language, which has different dialects depending on the area where they live.

Bedouin People



The Bedouin People work every day, they sit all day watching their herds graze. In the mornings, Men take out camels. Women and children look after sheep and goats. Small children and Girls collect firewood. The main diet for the Bedouin People come from their herds or flocks, a meal is a bowl of milk or yoghurt and main meal is rice with butter. For special occasions a few times a year they have meat.

The word ‘Bedouin’ comes from, 'Bedu' which in the Arabic language means one who lives out in the open, in the desert. The Arabic word 'Badawiyin' refers to a desert-dweller.

The Bedouins kidnap people from the Sudan.

With advances in technology, the Bedouin People now use Jeep's instead of camels. Many families live in permanent homes and water is trucks in, in 100-gallon barrels. They still move goats to pasture.

A tent is divided into two sections, One for the men and for guests to visit. The other for women to cook and female guests. The tents are made of goat and camel hair panels.

The Bedouin People stay in one place for about 5 months before moving to their next place. In Summer, they stay near water. When they move, they travel for about nine hours a day, using camels, horses and donkeys to help them transport things.

Bedouins can be recognized from other Egyptians as they have different facial features and also they generally dress differently.

Map of North Africa

Shaded area represents Bedouin People

The national emblem is a falcon as it was traditionally used for hunting and a source of survival in the desert.

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