Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

Pam Munoz Ryan

Character and setting

What happened first

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

After that Naomi's mom just showed up.She even started buying Naomi a lot of clothing and girly things.Gram was really mad that she would just go in without any explanation or a reminder at all.She was really nice to her but then at the end Naomi found out that her mom was bi-polar.So in other words she was happy one day and the next day she was mad.

The last thing that happened was that Naomi's mom made Naomi look bad by not showing up fro confrences and to meeet Blanca and her mom.After that was settled they went to spray n' play.It was a way to cheer up Naomi and owen.But the story really ended by going on the journey or ride to Mexico to find Naomi's father.After they had a little bit of fun at Mexico they went to the court.They wanted to know who was going to live with who.After the decision was made everything was back to normal or how it was supposed to be.

For the characters in the story ther are many of them.The most important character is Naomi Leon.She is the protagonist .The antagonist is her mother,Skyla or Terri Lynn. The other characters are supporting characters are Benardo,Blanca,Blanca's mom,Santiago,Gram and owen.Those are all the characters of the book.For the setting it started at school then at home.After coming from school at the meeting they went to spray n'play for a little celebration.Then,later off theywent on the ride to Mexico.After they went to Mexico to find her father .At the end they ended up in the court.

Naomi was always living with her Gram and Owen.They lived in a Mobile home next to many lemon trees.Naomi didn't know anything about her mom and she was really curious about her.She didn't even know her father,at all.The only thing she knew is that he was from Mexico.

Becoming Naomi Leon


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