Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

well,first gram and owen lived happy and peaceful in Avocado Acres Trailer Rancho.Then naomi goes to school and all the fifth graders decide that outlaw is the funniest last name ever.owen who had brown eyes,fair skin,and blond hair.naomi almost didnt like her clothes that her gram made(sewn in polyester by Gram).naomi also has difficulties speaking up.and her status at school is "nobody special".

The characters are Naomi she carves soap and she is in middle school. Her brothe own likes to wear tap onn him. Gran has never missed a episode of wheel of furtune.Skyla is Naomis and owens mother she is a aocholic

The setting takes places in a Avocado Acres Trailer Rancho. Naomi lives there with her gram and her brother Owen they have a happy life but when her mother Skyla returns after 7 years of not being with her kids. The trobles start agin.

Becoming Naomi LeonAuthor-PAM MUNOZ RYAN

Setting and characters

Rising action-starts when they start dissapointed they start to loose hope but never stop from trying.

Falling action-She runs away to Mexico with her brother and gram.Then she reunites with her father.

Climax-her mom forarces her to go to las vegas then she starts to loose a little bit of hope but wants to stand up for her and brother.

what happen first

conclusion-When the judge decides if naomi should stay with her mom or with gram.

At the end of the story naomi decides who to live with and lives happily ever after.

How did the story end?

what happen next is that skyla arrived and started to mix everything up.

Then what happen?


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