Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

Book Report

Becoming Naomi Leon. By Pam Munoz Ryan.

Character and setting

What happened first

First, Naomi and Ownen always get made fun of at her school. When they got out of school, they went to the trailer. Minutes later, someone knocked on the door on the door. Gram opened it and a women came. It was their mother!! Her name was Terri Lynn, but she changed it to Skyla. Skyla bought Owen a bike and she bought Naomi cloths. Naomi and Owen both wanted Skyla to come to Parent Conference. So Owen wore a suit and tie and Gram dropped them off. They waited and waited. She never came. They called Gram and she picked them up. Then Skyla wanted Naomi only, to come to Los Vegas. Naomi said no and then Skyla slapped her. Naomi and Owen ran to Fabiola's house where Gram was at. Naomi quickly told them what happen and ran in the shed.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

Gram kept telling Skyla "no Naomi is not coming with you" becuase she likes alchol.So Skyla threatend that "if Gram doesn't give me Naomi, then she will call the police. In the morning Gram,Owen,Naomi, Fabiola, and Bernardo went to Mexico to look for Naomi's father to stop Skyla.

They found Naomi's dad, Santiago, and he called a good laywer. Gram got to keep the kids. Skyla didn't come back. Owen kept his bike, and Naomi kept on with her soap carvings.

The main character is Naomi Soledad Leon Outlaw. She has a brother name Owen who was born handicapped, but is very smart. The kids live with their grandmom. They live in a trailer name Baby Beluga.They are in Lemon Tree California. Naomi is a quiet girl who make's soap carvings. Her favorite things to do is make list, worrying, and soap carvings. Gram has a friend name Fabiola and her husband is Bernardo. Her dad Santiago, is a fisherman.


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