Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

Becoming Naomi Leon

In our story Becoming Naomi leon there are multiple characters. And also many places where the story took place. For the characters we have Naomi the main character. Owen Naomi's disabled little brother.Gram who is Naomi and owen's grandma. Skyla who is our antagonist of the story. Cilve who is sklya's boyfriend. And Santiago owen and Naomi's father. The settings in the story are Mexico,and grams house.The other settings in the book are school, and the hospital for owen.

By: Pam Munoz Ryan

Character and setting

What happened first

In the begining we had met our characters.The children are a girl named Naomi and a boy named owen. We found out that there were two children how were living with there grandma. Soon after that the children get an unacpected visitor. It is there mother who had left the children with there grandmother for seven years. There mother Skyla has been getting expensive items especially for Naomi. But none for owen. Naomi feels that it is not right.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

After getting Naomi to like her Skyla had asked naomi if she wanted to live with her. Naomi had told her grandmother and they came up with a plan. They would pack there things go to Mexico to try and find there father so the kids can stay with there grandma.

In the end of the story Naomi was able to go home. Her and owen can stay with there Grandma. Her father had wrote a note to skyla and now the kids don't have to go with skyla.


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