Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

Book report

Becoming Naomi Leon by:Pam munoz

Character and setting

What happened first

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

The story ended with gram,Naomi,Owen,Skyla, and Clive all going to court to see who gets the kid or not.But, then after a long while the judge decided to leave the kids with gram because she care for both kids and did not care that one has many problems.

..... Then, thanksgiving night Skyla decided to invite her boyfriend clive to the dinner.There, Skyla had a conversation and said that she and clive have decided to take NAomi with them to take care of clive's little daughter.Then, gram and Fabiola took the kids to try to find their father.

The characters in the book of "Becoming Naomi Leon" areOwen Naomi's little brother,GramNaomi's great- grandmother,Fabiola and Bernardo which are the neighboors.And also Santiago Naomi's dad, Skyla who is Naomi's mom,and Skyla's boyfriend Clive.The main character of the book is Naomi. Naomi lives with Gram and Owen in a little house in lemon tree.Also there were different settings in the book.For example, the school,and fabiolas house. But, there are different other settings.

What happend first was that Naomi's and owen's mom Skyla came back after seven years.Skyla came home in the after noon to spend time with the children.She would bring Naomi some new clothes.Basically she treated the children nicely.One day she told the kids she was going to attend their conference, but the day of the conference she never got be continued.........


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