Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

Book report

Naomi Leon is the character.She is a good character.She makes mistakes like forgiving her mom.But i mean she dosen't know what sheis doing.Other than that she is great in the book.Gram's house is the main setting in the beginning of the story.Then it became mexico.It became Mexico when they went to get away from Skyla.So those were the main settings.

Becoming Naomi Leon By: Pam Munoz Ryan

Character and setting

What happened first

First Naomi and Owen's mom came to see them.She told them to call her "Skyla" because if they called her mom its going to make her feel old.Naomi had forgave her for her wrong which was a big mistake.Naomi and Skyla were more close then Skyla and Owen.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

Then,Naomi saw the real side of Skyla which wasn't that pretty.Skyla had put her hands on Naomi.Naomi told on Skyla.Gram settled it.Skyla said she wantedto go to court for Naomi.Once she said that,Gram took them to Mexico.While in Mexico they found Naomi and Owens father.When they went back to Lemon Tree they had to go to court.

The end ended with Gram taking Naomi and Owen to Mexico to get away from Skyla.They saw their father.When they got back to Lemon Tree they went to court and Naomi told the judge everything that happened and Gram had got custody of Naomi and Owen.They were all happy but Skyla was kind of upset but she should of never been a bad mother then.


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