Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

Becoming Noami Leon

At the end of the story Naomi and Owen finally found thier father in Mexico through a festival known as "The Night of the Radishes". Santiago, thier father helps Gram to get custody of Owen and Naomi. Naomi and Owen are ecstatic to finally meet him and Santiago teaches Naomi to become who she really is. When Naomi returns to Lemon Tree she finally becomes "the Naomi Soledad Leon Outlaw of [her] wildest dreams." In Blanca's words Naomi truely becomes "Naomi the Lion."

Naomi soon realized that Skyla only came to take her away from Owen and Gram and to make money off of her by having Naomi live with Clive's daughter Sapphire. Traits like her alchohol addiction also became more noticeable. Skyla became more aggressive and it came to the point where she hit Naomi after Naomi refused to come with her. This caused Gram to take action and soon enough Gram, Naomi and Owen were on a trip to Mexico to find thier long lost father, Santiago. Gram needed to find Santiago to get his permission to help her keep Naomi and Owen. Santiago was Gram's only way to protect Naomi and Owen. This shifted them from thier old lives in Lemon Tree. They were now on a search!

Naomi Soledad Leon Outlaw is the main character of the book "Becoming Noami Leon". Secondary characters of the story include Gram, Skyla, Santiago and Owen.Owen is Noami's younger incapacitated brother and Gram is Noami's great grandmother who takes care after her and Owen. Skyla or Terry Lynn is Noami's and Owen's mother, Santiago is thier father. A majority of the story takes place in Lemon Tree, California. Naomi lives there in a trailer park with Gram and Owen. As the story progresses the setting changes to Mexico. Noami ventures through parts of Mexico like Barrio Jalatlaco and Oaxaca. Naomi also gets to visit Tijuana when she first arrives.

By: Pam Munoz Ryan

Character and setting

What happened first

In the beginning of the story Naomi and Owen's mother comes back after 7 years of leaving them with thier great grandmother, Gram. Terry Lynn now known as Skyla comes to the home of Owen,Naomi and Gram at first appearing nice. She mentions having a new life with her boyfriend Clive. She quickly squeezes her way into the life of Naomi and Owen by buying gifts for them and even promising the sibilings a day at thier school's parent teacher conference.

How did the story end?

Then what happened...


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