Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

Becoming Naomi Leon

Naomi and Owen friend Skyla Noami and Owen wanted her to come she said she was coming but she didn't so she lied to them saying that she was coming to their grandparents house and and the the setting is at Noami and Owens grandparents house and the and when Noami went to school and she went to the avocado thing that was happening in school and Naomi she got avoacados for the grandparents. The settings is when they got married it's their grandparnets and but their grandpa had died. But, can't live sometimes some people can and some people can't because of their age or something bad. So, her moth er is named Skyla. That is Noami mom and Owens. Did you know Owen wears the same shirt everyday because it's red and it has a piece of tape on that's why he don't wanna stop wearing because it's his favorite shirt. Noami always tell him to change his shirt he be's like no because it's my favorite shirt. Skyla is taking grandma to court. Someone named Blaca is following Noami's mom. Blaca grab Noami's hand because they we're good friends.

Pam Muñoz Ryan

The charaters and the setting

what happened in the beginning

Then what happened

How did the story end

Naomi she wants her Mom and her Dad because her mom followed her dad she didn't want to go with her kids because she wanted to see wanted to see what he was doing. Noami wants to see her dad and her mom. Her mom left her when she was 4 years old. Her mom left her at age of 4 because thats when her dad left to Mexico. At court Noami didn't want to leave with her mom because she doesn't see her. The judge wanted them to stay with the grandma. She wanted to take her kids but the judge wouldn't let her becuase she would have to split them. But, Noami does not wanna leave with her mom because she loves her grandma into pieces. Owen wants to stay with his grandma to because mom and father barley see them. But, Noami wants to see her mom and dad even Owen.

Naomi wants to go to mexico to find her father and she wants to see her father and even Owen wants to see there father and she wants to because she haven't see him in along time. He way to far away so Noami going to Mexico to find him in Mexico. If she finds him she's happy. She meet her father at the Lemon Tree. Owen became a while monkey when he saw his father he didn't really turn into a monkey.

In the beginning of the story Naomi outlaw she is a girl who lives in a carefree with her lovely grandmother because Naomi does not live with her parents anymore because Noami father had left and her mother left with him to and Noami does not know her that much anymore because she barley see's him and she only was with him when she was little girl and her brother and her mother wanted to go with him because so she can know what he's doing. Noami father went to Mexco because he didn't want to see his kids anymore he just wanted to leave in Mexico. Then, Noami is trying to find her dad in Mexico. Noami stood with her name since her grandparents got married and her grandpa had died and had to rest his soul, and it was almost fifty years ago, and Noami is due proud. But she said, "Beside there are worse things in life."


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