Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

Book report

Becoming Naomi Leon

What happened first

What happened first was that Naomi was living normally with her her brother and her grandmother. They are doing well and they live in a Trailer Park called Lemon Tree and they call their trailer Baby Beluga. It was one day that they were at their house and someone knocked on their door. They didn't know who it was they didn't really get any visitors besides their neighbors. When Gram opened the trailer door she could not believe her eyes! It was Naiomi and Owen's long lost mother, Skyla.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

Skyla stayed their their for a couple days and she really seemed to be a nice mother and a nice person. Skyla wanted to have a dinner a nice one so she could introduce her boyfiend. But her boyfriend doesn't seem like a nice guy. Skyla wants to take Naiomi and only Naiomi. Gram does not want Naiomi to live with Skyla and her boyfriend because it is a bad enviorment. Yet, Skyla threatens that if Naiomi wasn't ready by time she came back she would bring her lawyer.Gram sets her journey to Mexico to find her grandkids unknown father, Santiago. They have a very long drive and they come to a house with a huge gate. It turns out to be family from Graciela and they allow them to stay there. They begin their search asking anyone if they knew him or knew where he was located. They go through a lot of trouble but someone gives them a call with helpful information.

The story ended with Naiomi finding out who her true father was and getting to know him. They get Santiago's signature and there quest was complete. But something told Naiomi that this should be written down in her big book of lists. I think her new addition was very interesting towards her life.

Character and setting

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Naomi Soledad Leon Outlaw is a big sister to Owen her little brother who is 8 years old and disabled. She currently lives with her grandma and is attending school at Buena Vista Elementary. I describe Naomi as a kind,brave,caring,worried, and sometimes scared. Naomi is kind of like me because we are the same age and we are brave.Naomi lives in a trailer park called Lemon tree. The author said Lemon Tree is based off this city called Lemon Grove. As well as in the book in real life in Lemon Grove they eat outside on Thanksgiving. Lemon Tree is very small and doesn't have any kids for Naomi nor Owen to play with. I think it is a really good environment to live in.


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