Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon

Becoming Naomi Leon

Naomi is the main character.Naomi lives with her Gram.Skyla is Naomi's mom that has been in rehab.Clive is Skyla's boyfriend.Fabiola is Gram's neighbor.Bernardo is Fabiola's husband.Santiago is Naomi's dad.Owen is Naomi's brother.Aunt Theresa is Santiago's sister.Mrs.Morimoto is Naomi's teacher.Naomi lives in Lemon Tree County.Naomi and Owen go to school at Buena Vista Elementary.Santiago lives in Oaxaca City,Mexico. Gram's trailer name is Baby Beluga.

Pam Munoz Ryan

Character and setting

What happened first

Naomi and Owen lives with their Gram.Naomi's mother,Terri Lynn,makes a surprise visit to Baby Beluga.She also anounces her new name is Skyla Jones.She starts to buy all these clothes and things for Naomi but gets everything from her boyfriend Clive.Skyla won't allow Owen's and Naomi's father,but she won't raise her own kids.Skyla promises the kids alot of stuff,but turns out she doesn't do it like the parent/teacher conferences.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

Skylar wanted to take Naomi away,but Gram wasn't gonna let that happen so they traveled to Santiago.Skyla wanted Naomi to babysit Clive's daughter.Gram wasn't gonna seperate the family,so they drove Baby Beluga to see their father.

Naomi and Owen drove to Oaxaca City.Naomi and Owen met their dad.Also,Santiago signed their papers so they can be with him.


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