Becoming Naomi Leon

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Becoming Naomi Leon


The characters are Naomi,Owen,Gram,Skyla, and Santiago. The place this book took place was in a trailer park in Lemon tree, California, (avocado acres). Also the other place it took was in Mexico where Naomi her self and her family participated in Los Posadas and the night of the Radishes where Naomi and Owen find their father and they reunite.

Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Munoz Ryan

Character and setting

What happened first

What happened first was that Naomi and Owen and Gram lived in a trailer and Naomi and Owen have not seen their mother and father for the past years. Also Naomi,Owen, and Gram get shocking news when there was a lady at the door Gram opened up and it was a woman with red and black hair and had lipstick on and had cool leather clothes and it was Naomi and Owen's mother.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

What happened was that Naomi and Owen were happy to see their mother who they have not seen in the past 7 years. Skyla starts buying stuff for Naomi but not Owen which was mean by the way. Then by the next day Skyla is all lazy and had all junk on the ground and Naomi , Owen, and Gram had to pick it up. Also Skyla started acting mean when she was brushing Naomi's hair and when Naomi said ouch Skyla said Naomi sit still and jerked her hair. Then Skyla's boyfriend Clive came over and wanted Naomi to pack her things up and go to Las Vegas to babysit their 8 year old daughter Sapphire.Then Naomi said no, so then after Skyla left Naomi , Owen , and Gram packed their stuff and went to Mexico to find their father and to stop Skyla wanting to force Naomi to live with her. Then later on in the story Naomi and everyone has to go to court to see who will have custody of Naomi and Owen and it will either be Gram or Skyla.

The story ended by Naomi having to take a test to see if she can still live with Gram and Owen. Also Naomi has to make a decision if she wants her name to be Naomi Leon or Naomi the lioness and that's how the story ended.


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