Becoming a Teacher

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Becoming a Teacher

Becoming a Teacher

My Junior & Senior year mentorMr. Grigsby taught me that one of the most important attributes of being a great teacher is knowing how to build relationships with your students. Thank you Mr. Grigsby for being a great friend, a hard grader, and amazing teacher with so much wisdom.

Mr. MendezMathematics was just not my thing, I would tell myself. I remember working so “hard” in my math classes only to end up the year earning a C, B or B+ if I was lucky. I always considered myself to be a very bad math student, I had teachers that terrified me, and a lot of my questions were always left unanswered. That was until I met Mr. Mendez my first semester here at the University of Houston. The atmosphere in his classroom was so welcoming, I realized that not only was he so passionate about teaching, but he was very passionate about having his students learn. I always remember him saying, “You can be a very smart teacher, but if you do not know how to teach it to others, than what good does that do?” I ended up earning an A in his class, and he truly changed my perspective about Mathematics, maybe I was not such a bad Math student, maybe I just never had teachers who cared enough. I wonder how I would feel about Mathematics if I would have had teachers like him all along. The following semester I earned an A in my Statistics class as well, thank you Mr. Mendez!

Katy Family YMCAI started working for the YMCA in January of 2014, it offered me a wonderful schedule adaptable for a college student. At the time i was attending school to become a Broacast Journalist, but it was when i started to work for the YMCA After School day care that I realized, I loved working with children. I started to realize they were all so different, they had their own way of thinking, their own personalities, even the little kindergartners. Being a Social Studies teacher is something that I always contemplated in my mind, and the YMCA gave me the confidence to take that leap of faith and change my major. It is the best decision I have ever made.

Who?Mr. Grigsby, Mr. Mendez, and Katy Family YMCA

What?Mr. Grigsby's mentorship.Mr. Mendez's concepts of teaching, and desire for his students to learn.YMCA, for the opportunity to work with children.

Why I Choose to Become a TeacherWhy?I’ve found a couple essays that I written in the past, and I realized that there is something I talk about in all of my essays and that is how much I care for the well-being others, and how I believe I have a calling to make a difference in the lives of others . I feel great compassion towards everyone, and I really enjoy being a role model for children. I believe being an educator is a beautiful career, I truly believe good teachers change lives, and make an impact in the lives of children every day.

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