Becoming a Spanish Teacher

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Becoming a Spanish Teacher

Becoming a Spanish Teacher

Ever since I was a kid, I was always questioned about why I did not speak Spanish whenever I am clearly of Latino decent. I finally got so tired of it that I had decided that I was going to learn the language and would take Spanish classes through all of my high school career. I have never been so determined to learn something as I was with the Spanish Language. It started just as a language I had to learn but would later grow into one of my passions that defined me.

Why Spanish?


When I was in high school, I had no initiative or drive to move on to higher education. I was living in my own world and thought it would all just fall into my lap. I hated the rest of the world just like your average teen, but then I stepped into Mrs. Delzer's Spanish II class and everything changed. For the first time I had a teacher who took an interest in me and leveled with all of her students. I ended up making a C in that class but continue with her until Spanish IV with an A. She helped me reach my goal of Spanish acquisition. She also became the sponsor for the Multicultural Club for which I was President. She would stay late when we had different events going on and really dedicated her time to one of the few things that I cared about. She showed me the impact that a teacher can have in a student's life. She still checks in on me and is pleased that I have decided to follow her steps and major in Spanish. Every time I go back home to Kansas we try to meet up. She taught me more than Spanish but to have motivation and believe in myself.

Why Education?

Spanish is something that I'm extremely passionate about and it has had such an impact on my life, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I should or would even want to teach it. So why am I in the education department? I want to make a difference. I can not imagine myself working in the private sector for a paycheck and not really making an impact in my community. Teaching is beyond just working for money. It's working to better a student. Educators teacher much more than just the subject. A teacher has the potential to affect a student's life in the most positive way. For example, my high school Spanish Teacher is by far the best language teacher I have ever had. Not only because I actually was able to grasp the Spanish language because of her, but because she made me realize the potential I have to achieve anything that I put in my mind to. She dove into my life by jumping at opportunities to become involved in extracurricular activities at the high school. I hope that one day I can make the classroom as dynamic as she does, become involved in my student's lives, and make a difference as much as she does.

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The Multicultural Club at an after school event.Photo property of Michael Guillen

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Mrs. Delzer and I at graduation.. Photo property of Michael Guillen

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High School

Motivation is the key factor to everything that I do. If I truly want something, I'll go after it until I achieve it. High school taught me that I couldn't give up until the job was done or until my goal was met. I became well rounded in high school because of opportunites given to me. I was able to travel with my Spanish teacher to Spain, as well as hold a President position in an organization which gave me reason. High school is the time in life where students are developed into who they will be in their young adult life. It's crucial that the students receive the proper attention and opportunities to shape their outlooks on life and properly handle responsibilities. It's the time where we do the most growing which is what I want to be a part of and why high school is where I want to teach.



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