Becoming a spanish teacher

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Becoming a spanish teacher

I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Guadalajara is the second most popular and, it is also the second biggest city in Mexico. Growing up and having my education in Mexico had a great positive impact in my life since, the education over there is a little bit different from here. I had a lot of different teachers in my life. Some of them were great teachers, very committed to their profession and to their students. However, not all the teachers that I had the pleasure to meet while growing up, were very passionate or committed to their profession; that’s why I don’t remember a teacher that impacted my life nor one who, influenced me in order to become a teacher. Some people used to wonder, why should becoming a teacher if I never had the passion for it. I know it sounds weird but, I found my career choice when I moved from my hometown Guadalajara. I was fifteen years old when I moved to Houston; it was very difficult at the beginning since my English was very limited and, for a fifteen year old teenager; this was a very drastic and dramatic 180 degrees life change. At that time, I was very upset and sad; I left all my family, my friends and, my entire life in Mexico. It was just my mom and my little brother, I think it was completely understandable at that time feeling very alone and upset about the situation; since almost everything to me was kind of new and scarring. The fact I had to meet new people, make new friends, learn the language as fast as I could possibly can, trying to adapt to this different life style, was very difficult as anyone can imagine.I was obviously trying to avoid sadness and the negative feelings that I used to have at that moment. By my sophomore year in high school, I decided to get more involved and I took A.P. Spanish as an elective since I already knew the language and needed to take a foreign language class. When I got enrolled into the class I was not expecting the class to be so much fun and very interesting. I would never thought how much I would love the teacher, my peers and even the subject; since I remember growing up in Mexico having a hard time and not liking this subject at all.

While growing up, I noticed how the people around my age such as my closest friends, my classmates and, my cousins; knew exactly what career they wanted to study when they grew up. Some of them knew what and where they would be going and doing after graduating High School. Unfortunately that wasn’t my case; of course I always wanted and knew I would be going to college after graduating High School but, I didn’t knew exactly what career I wanted to study. When I start remembering my childhood, I remember myself always playing around pretending to be many professions such as a reporter, a lawyer, a nurse, a doctor, a chef, etc. I had many career choices in mind but in reality, none of these choices were interesting enough and, growing up with this doubt was not easy at all. The only thing that I knew, is the fact that I’ve always wanted to help others, become someone important in life and, make a difference in the world.. I never thought that I would ended up preparing myself to become an educator since honestly, I didn’t have a remarkable educational experience while growing up.


Becoming a Maestra de EspaÑol...

My Background

One of the main reasons why decided to become a Spanish teacher is because, I think it is very important to teach future generations the second most studied language in the world and also; the most spoken non-English language in the United States. I think is very important to teach future generations the importance of this language even more if, the United States is currently the homeland of immigrants from around the world especially from Spanish speaking countries. The fact that by 2050, there would be about 530 million Spanish speaking people in the world and; about 100 million people would be living in the United States amazes me. I think all Cultures in general, are essential to this country and also, essential to the world. However, the fact that, in the near future Spanish would become the most important language besides the English; wants me to help to teach future students even more how to learn to speak Spanish properly since, this would be essential for their professional future. I’ve met different amazing people since I moved from Mexico seven years ago. I personally found very sad and frustrating how some Hispanic people or people who is coming from a Hispanic background, not knowing how to speak, read and write the language properly amazes me. Some of them not knowing the language at all because their parents or their grandparents never taught them, is very sad and frustrating. I think anyone should always be proud of where they come, no matter what. That’s other powerful reason why I wanted to become a Spanish teacher; I really want to make a difference into my futures student and also in our community. I want to teach those who never had the opportunity to learn the language to be proud of their roots and, to have another perception and appreciation of the language and subject. I want them to have the opportunity to learn how to properly speak, write and read the language; so when they become professionals, they would have the opportunity of getting their dream job and better professional opportunities. I also want to teach my future students, even the ups and downs that a teenager like them could have; everything is possible and if they really want to succeed in life, they will always achieve everything. I want them to know that it is always important to never give up and, the most powerful key to succeed in life is education.

Why Becoming a Spanish Teacher?

As an example, I remember myself having a very hard time trying to read an entire book without skipping any page or also, been tempted to look over the internet the book’s summary. I also remember how much I used to hate writing an essay and, learning or applying grammar rules into my every life basis. I was amaze and proud about the big move that I was doing.However it was not just that, the fact that after two years I felt an essential and an important member of my A.P. Spanish class from a very long time since I moved from Mexico, was something very priceless. My family also noticed how happy I was and also, how while taking this class I started doing things that I thought I used to hate while growing up such as reading and writing. All these was happening Thanks’ to A.P. Spanish teacher Mrs. Lara and later on Dr. Quintanilla. Thanks’ to them I’ve learned and found my career choice and the passion for teaching. I started loving literature and I remember how Mrs. Lara was always was encouraging me to read certain types of books. I first started reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Carlos Fuentes, Isabel Allende, Alfonsina Storni, Laura Esquivel, Pablo Neruda, and many other important Hispanic Authors. I joined the most prestigious foreign language club at my school (according to the district and of course Mrs. Lara), I also discovered other abilities and tasks that I never thought I had such as reporting, writing, presenting, and the most important one, teaching! After becoming Mrs. Lara teacher’s aide/assistant, I discovered the love of wanting to become a Spanish teacher.

I hope to one day become someones inspiration to become a teacher like Dr. Quintanilla and Mrs. Lara did became mine. Knowing and learning their life stories and how they became important leaders into our community is something that I would always be proud of. They had a great positive impact in my life and, I am and I will always be thankful to God and Life for giving me the opportunity to meet these wonderful women that had change my life. Dr. Quintanilla for example, had teach me that the sky is the limit and if she did it, than I can do it better and I can go further making a difference in education, schools, our community and, also in the country.


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