Becoming a Physician's Assistant

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Becoming a Physician's Assistant


Distraction- Parties


Lure of Friends

Just like in the story of the Cyclops, pride can be the enemy of sucess. When I am going to college to become a physician's assistant, I can let my pride get the best of me. Thinking that I know all the material, I will not study for a test and fail. Just like Odysseus, I can at first be suceeding in a class, and then let my pride get the best of me and let everyone know how well I am doing, not study, and then fail a test, dropping my grade a lot.

Cyclops:Tests of Pride

Becoming a Physician'sAssistant

Just like Odysseus seeking Tiresias for help and guidance, I will seek upperclass men or family and friends for guidance. I can get guidance in order to help me succeed in my classes. By asking and seeking help, this will help me pass my classess and get good grades. Just like Odysseus I will seek help from family and friends, helping me to succeed in college and going on to becoming a physician's assistant.


Just like the well- intentioned Lotus Eaters, college can be like the Lotus Eaters. Though college is purely good, helping many people to start their job careers, college is full of distractions that can lead me away from my goal. Though many people have good intentions, parties and boyfriends can be like the Lotus Eaters. They are distractions that lead me away from my goal of becoming a physician's assistant. 

Lotus Eaters:Parties/ Boyfriends

Just like Odysseus being tempted to hear the Sirens song, I will be faced with my temptations and people that will try to lure me into doing things that distract me and might stop me from completing my goal of becoming a physician's assistant. Like Odysseus, I may try to tie myself to an anchor, and keep myself from being addicted to things like parties and ditching that will lead me away from my goal. I will have to resist temptation and go away from the "Sirens" of college, parties and ditching, in order to become a physician's assistant.

Odysseus faced many dangers and had to avoid them. With the help of Circe, he avoided Scylla and Charybdis, some dangers of his route. I will have to do the same and, getting advice from my elders, avoid drugs and drinks that are handed to me that may kill me and therefore, prevent me from becoming a physician's assistant. Like Odysseus going through dangers, becoming a physician's assistant means avoiding things that will get you killed.

Scylla and Charybdis:Dangers


Scylla and Charybdis:Dangers

Becoming a physician's assistant means going through years of school and avoiding things that can be related to Odysseus' story and travels home. Many things in Odysseus' story can be connected to my goal of becoming a physician's assistant.


Physician's Assistant:Overview

Physician's Assistant:Dermatology

Doctor's Office Music


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