Becoming a Concractor

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Becoming a Concractor

Becoming a ContractorBy: James Gaumond

While I may not be a textbook military child, my dad having left the military before he met my mom, but for as long as I can remember, I've wanted to enlist in the military right out of highschool. Many former soldiers will tell you how much they disliked their time in the military, but dad on the other hand used to tell me amazing stories about his time spent in the army, and how much he actually enjoyed himself. In a lot of respects, I'm very similar to my father; I feel like I would enjoy spending my time fully focused and dedicated to a singular cause. After a bit of research, however, I've learned that direct enlistment may not be the path for me.

Military Child


Even after years of thinking and decisions making, I'm still not absolutley sure what my future will look like. I'm fairly certain I'll end up joining the marines, be it through enlistment or an ROTC program, and serve my minimum deployment of 4-6 years. After that, unless I make some serious, unexpected bounds in the Marines, I'll definetly be joining a private military company one day.

Speaking With Recruiters

As I started to show an initial intrest in a military career, I was taken to meet with a few recruiters. After speaking to Army, Navy, and Marine recruiters, I decided to persue the latter. After going over my grades, the Marine recruiter recommended I try to apply for an NROTC scholarship. However, considering I one day plan on leaving the military to work in a provate sector, pledging myself to a single branch may not be the best idea.


Even as a young boy, military life always piqued my intrest. In fact, many of the decisions I made were based around the idea that I'd be joining the military one day. It's the reason why I started Karate at 5, which progressed to Muay Thai and MMA 12 years later.

After a few years of casually researching my future military career, one day I met a man who was a hiring agent for a private military company. He told me about his company, and described what exactly private contractors do. After talking for almost an hour, I was completly sold. Private contractors have far, far better anual salaries, and usually see less combative assignments than your average soldier. With the travel perks of a soldier, and less dangerous jobs to be carried, Private Contracting seemed like a dream job.

Private Military Companies


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