Becky Jatczak

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Becky Jatczak

My mom and I when she dropped me off to live on campus 5 days before my first day of college as a freshmen....To graduation day :)

My brother and I can be pretty silly...I enjoyed subjecting myself to college students with paint at a Housing Event :DMy brother was play-fighting a giant toy ape we named Harry because of all his hair

Myself and two girls that I have babysat since they were 5 & 7, in this picture from this Spring, they are 13 & 15...time flies...I love them like the sisters we've been confused for...

Pippin knows my life...

Becky Jatczak

I graduated in May with a degree in Liberal Studies from CSUF :)

I went to Sanibel Island in Florida over the summer to celebrate my parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary. It was a perfect week of relaxation and family time :)

My boyfriend and I making fun of *selfies*



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