Because of Mr. Terupt

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Because of Mr. Terupt

This is a book about a teacher named Mr. Terupt. Everyone thinks Mr. Terupt is the best teacher ever because he doesnt punish you often. Then when they are outside in snow Mr. Terupt gets hit by a snowball and goes to the hospital.

I think it was a really good book. The only thing i didn't under stand was how did a snowball hurt Mr. Terupt. Anyways i liked the book and really recommended the book. My favorite part was when they were told that Mr. Terupt and his class they were gonna go to 6th grade together.


A few characters are Luke, Peter, Jeffery, Mr. Terupt, Daniel, Alexia, Jessica and Anna.Luke is that really smart kid in class. Peter is the troublemaker of the class. Jeffery just hates school. Daniel is the girl who doesn't stand up for herself. Alexia is the bully. Jessica is the new girl. Anna is a shy kid. Mr. Terupt is the class teacher.



This book is in 2010 and mostly takes place in the classroom Mr.Terupt is in. It is also sometimes in the colaborative classroom,a farm,and a house.


By:Rob Buyea


Because of Mr. Terupt!

Because of Mr.Terupt


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