Beauty of Asia's Countries

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Beauty of Asia's Countries

Beauty Of Asia'sCountries

A geography map of the philippinesislands and main lands.

SummaryNo!Many monks were killed, because the khmer rouge thought their religion was a threat. Even though they use the same language, they have many diffrent accents.

It shows diversity, because it is people from other places.

It represents community, because it is people from cambodia.

It represents culture, because this is their traditional dance.

Summary Of People and places..LANGUAGE.Close to 70 languages are spoken in the philipines.Almost everyone can speak the language Tagalog(Philipino) and English because the U.S ruled them.RELIGIONPhilipines is one of the most christian Country's the other is East timor. 83% of the churches is Catholic cause of spain, and Only 2% Belongs to philipines Church!their are 103 Million people in the philipines!

Community ProcessIn a nearby school.

Cultural dance preformed by the philippinosand other races.

Interesting facts about cambodia (Bullet points)Most people in cambodia farm, because crops grow very well by the tropical weather. The cambodian flag is about angkor wat. (The middle)

DID YOU KNOW?Cambodia switched it's name 6 times in 50 years!

WOW!! Angkor wat is 800 years old, and took 37 years to build!

KEY FEATURES-Spain ruled Philipines so they named the country after King Philipe II. -Philipenes put together = Arizona- in 1928 a Fillipino Made the yo-yo.- Philipenes has 7,107 Islands.- Philipines gained independance from america on 4th of july.Same as america's independance too!


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