Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast

FIRST RECORDED: 1756FIRST PUBLISHED IN: The Young Misses Magazine, Containing Dialogues between a Governess and Several Young Ladies of Quality Her Scholars in FranceLINK:

Beauty and the Beast

History and Origins

A story written in the form of dialogue and told to several young women between five and thirteen, "Beauty and the Beast" appeared in a French magazine in the mid-1700s. The author, Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont, published this story as an adaptation of a folk tale rumored to be around since 425 BC. Her story was the first version of "Beauty and the Beast" to be published on paper, and it has been adapted and passed down from generation to generation since. A merchant had three daughters, and the youngest one was always called "The Little Beauty," so she grew up with the nickname of Beauty. The merchant lost all of his wealth except for a small home in the country, When they moved there, the sisters were forced to work for a living, for all of their prospective lovers wanted nothing to do with them since they had lost their fortune. When the merchant received good news of a ship coming in with supplies, he decided to make a trip to town. The other children asked for new gowns and jewels, but all Beauty requested was a rose. The merchant gets lost on his way back, but is offered to stay in a palace that he passes. He sees roses in the garden, so he picks the best one for Beauty, but once the owner of the palace, a beast, finds out that the merchant stole from him, he says that the merchant must return with the rose.Beauty finds this out and immediately goes to the castle where the beast accepts her. The beast treats her to whatever she would like: nice dresses, fancy meals, and the best of everything. The beast asks her to marry him everyday, but she declines because she dreams of a prince every night. Beauty misses her family and asks the beast to allow her to see them. He gives her a ring that will teleport her to the castle in an instant, and he tells her that she must return in a week. He also gives her a mirror that allows her to see what is going on in the castle. She looks in the mirror and sees that the beast is laying down hurt in the rose bushes. She uses the ring to come back to the castle and cries over him saying that she loves him. When her tears drip onto him, he magically turns into the prince from Beauty's dreams!

We chose third grade because there is a large emphasis on folk tales in third grade. We found the standard that aligned perfectly with this topic, and we thought that third graders would easily be able to comprehend these books.


Cummulative Class Activity:To conclude the Beauty and the Beast unit, the students will be split into groups according to their current writing level. They will collaborate to write a modern rendition of the classic fairytale. Each group will turn their story into a play and perform their tale for their friends and family at a Beauty and the Beast play night.


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